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Proactive shipment tracking that delights your customers, reduces WISMO tickets, and optimizes your delivery performance.

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Retailers and shoppers need better shipment visibility

Once customers have clicked the 'buy' button, their only concern is their package. Where is it? When will it arrive? Is it safe? But scattered updates, shipment incidents, and delayed arrivals will only deliver one thing: unhappy customers and overwhelmed support agents.

Trusted by the world's leading retailers, AfterShip Tracking enables proactive and automated delivery updates that forefront your brand. Resolve exceptions before customers notice and get shipping performance insights to optimize your long-term carrier strategy as your retention rate and NPS grow on autopilot.

Automated shipment tracking tools that foster customer loyalty

  • Deliver a branded experience with proactive communication to drive customer loyalty.


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    Enhance your brand experience

    Key features

    Branded tracking page

    Bring customers back to your website with a tracking page on your own domain, in your own ecosystem. Style it with your own brand assets for a seamless buyer journey.

    Rule-based notifications

    Reduce customer anxiety and build anticipation with real-time notifications when their order status updates. Create automated communication flows with customizable templates.

    Flexible messaging channels

    Send personalized notifications through customer-preferred channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Delight customers with positive engagements across multiple touch points.

    Shipping feedback collection

    Proactively address and remedy unfortunate delivery experiences. Allow customers to provide feedback at the right time, before they escalate frustrations on social media.

    Multi-language support

    Quickly expand into new regions with auto-translated shipment updates on branded tracking pages and notifications. Offer a native language experience to your customers in every country.

    Product recommendations

    Drive incremental revenue by cross-selling shoppers with product recommendations on their tracking pages and notifications. Select products yourself, or let our AI offer relevant choices.

  • Reduce service workload with real-time tracking data on a centralized dashboard.


    reduction in WISMO tickets

    Optimize your transportation network

    Key features

    Shipment visibility dashboard

    See all your shipments in one centralized portal and filter by status, destination, carrier, and more. Use the insights to resolve delivery exceptions, reassure customers, and reduce WISMO inquiries.

    Standardized shipment statuses

    Organize delivery statuses of all your shipments at global scale. Automatically categorize shipments by 7 delivery statuses and 33 sub-statuses across 1,000+ carriers worldwide.

    Normalized carrier data

    Bring together and compare tracking data from different carriers in different formats. Save time on collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data across all carriers thanks to automated normalization.

    Real-time tracking

    Get immediate and automated status updates from all your carriers. Always keep your customers informed with the latest updates and save support agent time with no need to manually retrieve statuses.

    Carrier auto-detection

    Avoid errors on shipment statuses when tracking numbers don't match the carrier. AfterShip's AI cross-checks tracking numbers to detect the right carrier and update shipment tracking status.

  • Make smarter shipping decisions with insightful supply chain metrics.


    decrease in lead times to certain destinations

    Make data-driven decisions

    Key features

    On-time report

    Improve your on-time rate to foster long-term loyalty. Use the on-time report to identify carriers (and their routes and locations) who are least likely to meet their SLA.

    Transit time report

    Dive into your delivery transit time performance to understand where and when longer deliveries are occurring. Analyze your transit time by carrier, service type, region, and other parameters.

    Exception report

    Monitor which carriers and delivery routes have fewer exceptions and failed delivery attempts. Use the data to adjust your last-mile strategy and carrier choices to drive better delivery performance.

    Customer engagement report

    Reveal which parts of your post-purchase experience customers engage with, then adjust to drive more clicks and revenue. Get all data including tracking page visits, CTR, and shipping reviews.

    Carrier data lake

    Analyzing historical shipping performance across carriers is crucial for customer experience improvement. Trace up to 3 years of historical delivery exceptions and carrier data reports.


Seamless integration

1,035 carriers

Leverage our global network of carriers, postal services, last-mile delivery couriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, LTL carriers, and major carrier subsidiaries, including local delivery services.

40 platforms

Easily plug into our native integrations with major eCommerce platforms and apps, such as Shopify, NetSuite, Salesforce Cloud Commerce, Magento, Klaviyo, Zendesk, and Attentive.

Tracking API and webhook

Designed for easy engineering. Get the most robust multi-carrier tracking APIs and webhooks to save your time on shipment tracking integrations with 1,000+ worldwide carriers.

How AfterShip Tracking customers boost revenue and retention

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    “We use AfterShip data to target where are our customers are, what regions and lanes we are missing on, and to identify where’s our opportunity to improve our service month over month.”

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    “We’ve had a lot of customers reaching out to us saying, “Wow, what a great service!” rather than coming to us when that's a problem.”

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    "We knew there was a disconnect and AfterShip provided us with the data to formulate a strategy to approach the issue."

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    "AfterShip is the most advanced shipment tracking solution in the market. It only took 1-2 weeks for our engineers to implement."

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    "Our work with AfterShip is an important part of our mission to make cross-border shopping easy. "

Choose the perfect plan for your business

  • Essentials

    Key features and integrations





    • Extensive eCommerce integrations
    • Integration with carriers
    • Customizable tracking page
    • Email notifications
    • SMS notifications
    • Shipment visibility and basic analytics
  • Pro

    Advanced tools to do more





    • Tracking API and webhook
    • Klaviyo and Attentive integrations
    • Customer feedback survey
    • Multiple tracking pages
    • Multilingual tracking pages
    • Product recommendations widget
  • Premium

    Powerful AI and analytics





    • Advanced email notification triggers
    • AI Predictive estimated delivery dates
    • Carrier auto-correction
    • On-time and transit time reports
    • Remove AfterShip branding
    • Custom domain for tracking pages
  • Enterprise

    A customized plan built to scale



    • Custom platform integrations
    • Enterprise single sign-on (SSO)
    • Custom API rate limit
    • AI Predictive EDD API

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