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Carbon emissions reports that provide accurate calculations, uncover contributing factors, and improve brand perception.

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Shoppers want retailers to invest more in sustainability

Eco-conscious shopper expectations for the brands they buy from are only going up. Simultaneously, environmental regulations are impacting the eCommerce industry and forcing retailers into tricky operational decisions.

AfterShip Green’s carbon emission reports are built with AI technology to achieve unparalleled insights into transport carbon footprints. It is an ideal springboard to optimize supply chain logistics and a clear opportunity to show how your values resonate with your customers’ environmental expectations.

Carbon footprint reports that guide your green initiatives

  • Give your sustainability efforts credibility with international regulations and standards.


    is the reduction businesses need to make in transport emissions.

    Take greener action

    Key features

    CO2 emmisions report

    Visualize your emissions over time and identify days for investigation. Get data for your overall emissions (plotted against total shipments), as well as daily emissions by shipping facility.

    Emission contribution factors

    Focus your green initiatives on your carbon footprint’s heaviest contributors. Drill down to data on weight, distance, shipping method, and origin facility.

    SGS-certified methodology

    Give your sustainability analytics credibility. This world-leading certification demonstrates compliance with international regulations and standards.

    Meets regulatory compliance

    Use the data from this report to prove you're meeting government regulations. AfterShip's report satisfies government requirements for reporting carbon emissions.

    GHG protocol

    Follow greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol methodology for emission calculations. The GHG protocol is a globally recognized set of standards to measure and manage carbon emissions.

  • Meet emissions targets with actionable insights from a detailed carbon report.


    of shipment geo-coordinates can be calculated

    Measure with higher accuracy

    Key features

    Real miles traveled

    Get more meaningful insights by calculating real shipping routes instead of just end-to-end distance. Precise data unlocks meaningful environmental action.


    Provide the utmost accuracy for calculation. Our AI-powered address parser is fine-tuned with historical data from 4.4 billion global shipments and 1,000 carriers.

    Checkpoint-level accuracy

    Trace the exact route of every shipment. 90% of checkpoints can be determined, which means 9 out of 10 shipments can have their exact GPS coordinates calculated.

    Smart shipment-mapping

    Shipping methods significantly affect carbon output. Get accurate data that detects carrier services, origin and destination, checkpoint updates, and even single shipments over multiple methods.


Seamless integration

90 carriers

Receive your carbon report drawing data from any express carrier or postal service, including USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and many others.

Green API and Webhook

Manage carbon emission calculations via a robust API and webhook that integrate with your current tech stack and over 1,000+ worldwide carriers.

Customized pricing tailored for your business




  • CO2 emissions report
  • Real miles traveled
  • Checkpoint-level accuracy
  • Smart shipment-mapping
  • SGS-certified methodology

Reveal the details behind your carbon footprint


  • Shipments and carbon emissions over time

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  • Avg carbon emissions per origin

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  • Carbon emissions by miles traveled

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  • Shipment distribution by miles traveled

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Using inputs such as shipping weight and miles traveled, our proprietary Carbon Emission Report can help your business measure its CO2 emissions over time based on accurate tracking data.

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