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World-class shipping protection that captures lost revenue, drives customer satisfaction, and optimizes claims operations.

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Shoppers want faster resolutions for shipping incidents

With the number of lost, stolen, and damaged packages on the rise, shipping insurance is not a new concept. Unfortunately, when it comes to making claims, most of the time it results in disputes, lengthy processing, and endless waiting periods.

Powered by InsureShield®, AfterShip Protection offers better coverage, fast resolution, and flexible process management. Simply offer the add-on to customers when they buy from your store, and you can save your business from unnecessary financial loss, while your customers enjoy peace of mind.

Package protection that drives customer satisfaction

  • Create a fast- response process and provide full coverage to reduce customer churn.


    high claim-success rate

    Cover and claim easily

    Key features

    High claim-success rate

    Partner with a recognized insurance provider and offer better experiences to customers when their package is lost, damaged, or porch-pirated. InsureShield's data shows 95% of claims are approved.

    Quick claims approval

    Don't make customers wait for claims approvals. AfterShip Protection uses InsureShield as its trusted shipping insurance provider. Their claims are approved within 4 days of submission (on average).

    Full-value coverage

    Recoup any costs incurred, given the need to expedite the shipping of replacement items. AfterShip will pay up to 20% of the merchandise list value to compensate for the incremental re-shipping costs.

    Global coverage

    Protect your customers’ shipments as they fly, sail, or ride around the world. Both domestic and international shipments are covered, from anywhere to anywhere.

    Cross-carrier coverage

    Don’t worry about who you ship with, all customer deliveries are eligible for cover. Goods in any packaging, moving with any carrier, via any lane can all be protected.

    No police report required

    Build a trusting relationship with your customers. Assure them that protection claims for porch piracy will not require a police report in order to be resolved.

  • Allow customers every opportunity to protect their order with easy purchasing and affordable rates.


    of item value as coverage cost

    Enhance the eCommerce experience

    Key features

    Protection at cart or checkout

    Enable customers to take control of their own shopping experiences. Allow them every opportunity to protect their order by enabling single-click protection at either cart or checkout.

    Affordable rates

    Attract your customers to opt for coverage with accessible prices. Our coverage only costs around 1.5% of the protected value which makes it an easy option on most orders.

    Self-serve resolution center

    Provide customers with a simple and easy-to-use portal where they can submit claims. Allow them to select issue type, upload supporting documents, and pick a preferred resolution method.

    Automated resolutions

    Quickly compensate anxious customers by automatically sending a replacement or refund at any point in the claims process. Trigger a resolution at submission, approval, or payment receipt.

  • Manage your coverage and customer claims via one centralize portal and automate refunds and re-orders.


    protected value to absorb expedited re-order costs

    Manage claims effortlessly

    Key features

    Claim management portal

    Manage your coverage and customer claims directly via a single centralized portal. View claim status to quickly and easily execute appropriate resolutions.

    Manual or automated submission

    Take control of customer claims. Improve claim success-rate by intercepting and enhancing customer claims, or save time by allowing them to go directly to the insurer.

    Claim-status notifications

    Keep your support agents up to date with the latest info for all your claims. Get email notifications for updates, including when a claim is denied or approved, or if further documents are required.


Seamless integration

Multiple platform integrations

Integrate seamlessly and eliminate manual data reentry with platforms like Shopify and Shopify Plus without lengthy development. Just one-click, get the protection for your Shopify business.

Protection API

Designed for easy engineering. Feel free to integrate Protection API with your current tech stack and auto-extract relevant data to your own system.

Customized pricing tailored for your business


Insure orders against loss


What’s in store for you:


  • Enterprise SLA
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Quarterly account reviews


  • Custom integration
  • Custom API rate limit

See how much you’ll save with AfterShip Protection

Insurance provider comparison



AfterShip Protection

For a $200 package

You pay $2.45

You pay $3.00

Customer pays $2-3

Claim difficulty




Get paid in




Supported carriers




Savings calculator



Save up to

$4,000 USD / year


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