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Accurate delivery estimates gain shopper trust

Your customers are desperate for accurate delivery estimates. Currently, the estimates your customers receive don’t reflect changing factors during transportation, and other real-world conditions which lead to failed delivery attempts. Powered by AI technology, AfterShip EDD proactively engages with your customers and provides EDDs with higher than industry-level accuracy. The result is more successful deliveries and enhanced customer trust.

Accurate delivery estimations shoppers can rely on

  • Offer an accurate EDD on PDPs and checkout page to encourage purchase.


    of purchase decisions influenced on PDP


    Key features

    EDD on product description page

    Boost conversion by showing customers exactly when the product they’re looking at will arrive at their door. A fixed date gives shoppers the confidence to click ‘buy’.

    EDD on checkout page

    Make it easy for customers to compare delivery times for different shipping methods. A final delivery estimate can nudge hesitant customers over the line.

    Display specific date or range

    Increase successful delivery attempts with a specific estimation date as customers make plans to receive their package. Alternatively, set up EDDs as a date range to avoid over-promising.

  • Achieve higher accuracy thanks to machine learning and rule-based algorithms.


    of EDD prediction accuracy


    Key features

    Advanced algorithm

    Offer EDDs with higher accuracy than the carriers themselves. AI takes into account warehouse processing time and was trained by the data from over 4.4 billion shipments.

    Street-level prediction

    Ensure hyper-accurate predictions for every customer. Invite shoppers to enter their zip code on product pages, and show them an EDD calculated based on destination city and your warehouse.

    Dynamic updates

    Always present yourself and customers with up-to-date predictions. Machine-learning algorithms take into account factors like holidays, weather, and traffic to determine when a shipment will arrive.

    Carrier service-type mapping

    Provide accurate predictions no matter which carriers you work with. Set rules for your different carriers and differentiate EDDs among various shipping methods and routes.

    SKU-based EDD rules

    Maintain EDD accuracy across all products. Set different SKU-based rules when products require extra time or when selling in regions with different pickup dates.

  • Auto update customers with accurarate EDDs across almost all shipments.


    improvement in customer satisfaction


    Key features

    High shipment-coverage

    Get estimated delivery dates for virtually all shoppers on all shipments. AfterShip EDD covers 96% of deliveries while most carriers typically offer predictions on less than 50%.

    Notifications on EDD changes

    Don’t leave your customers in the dark when their delivery date changes. Enhance the post-purchase experience by keeping them informed on any delays or updates, as and when they happen.

    On-time performance dashboard

    Obtain useful insights and improve customer experience. Benchmark the EDDs and on-time performance of different carriers within AfterShip Tracking.

    Standardized on-time statuses

    Quickly measure and compare the performance of different carriers with 5 standardized statuses, including On-time, Trending On-time, Overdue, Late, and Trending Late.


Seamless integration

Shopify and Shopify Plus

No need for lengthy code or an army of developers. Integrate and deploy EDD widgets on your Shopify pages with just one-click to support your business needs.


Designed for easy engineering. Integrate EDD API with your current tech stack and auto-extract relevant data to your own system for informed decision-making.

Major carriers

We've got you covered with most carriers. Our EDD uses AI to analyze historical tracking data from major carrier services with industry-leading accuracy.

How AfterShip EDD keeps shoppers and service teams happy

EDD on shipment notifications

Keep customers in the loop by showing their shipment’s latest EDD in update notifications. Offer them the freedom to plan their time around a delivery.


EDD on branded tracking page

Massively reduce customer service workload and the number of WISMO requests. Consistently reassure anxious customers with the latest EDD displayed on tracking pages.

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Customized pricing tailored for your business





  • Place the EDD anywhere
  • Street-level accuracy
  • Dynamic updates


  • Carrier service type mapping
  • SKU-based shipping rules
  • Widget and API integrations

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