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AI-powered email parser that offers smart data extraction, provides high accuracy and improves your customer experience.

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Get smart insights into your consumers’ shopping behavior

Consumer research is challenging, but is a must for brands that want to create personalized experiences. Brands frequently spend countless hours manually researching, copying, pasting, and enriching customer data, a process that is also prone to error. AfterShip Parser automatically identifies and extracts valuable information from your customers’ inboxes upon authorization. Receive auto-enriched customer information with ease and build up personalized and unbeatable business growth strategies.

Email parsing solution that empowers business growth

  • Avoid manual entry and errors with AI-powered auto eCommerce info detection and extraction.


    email key fields can be parsed

    Obtain high-accuracy data

    Key features

    Automated email detection

    Detect and extract eCommerce order information from emails in user inboxes. Identify emails within the inbox by targeting patterns like email titles, order information, sender's addresses, etc.

    Key data extraction

    Auto-detect, parse, and extract 30+ key pieces of order information to deliver deeper insights. Get store name, order number, product image, total price, and more when authorized by users.

    Brand-specific data

    Extract organized and consistent data regardless of source. Parser can intelligently associate and map all relevant emails and information to a specific brand or order.


    Combine parsing rules and algorithms to ensure precision. The AI was trained with over 50M daily emails to learn which data to extract and where to look.

  • Paint a full picture of your users and target the right audience like laser-focused.


    accuracy for priority brand list

    Target the data you need

    Key features

    Supports most email services

    Obtain data and insight regardless of users’ email providers. Parser supports all major services and can auto-adapt to any changes initiated by the platforms.

    Automatic data enrichment

    Don’t leave gaps in your user profiles. Automatically identify and fill in missing information in emails such as names, addresses, logos, and more for data integrity.

    130,000 retailers and marketplaces

    Be laser-focused on a specific audience. With the ability to extract data from most brands, choose which marketplaces, retailers, or priority brands you want to learn about.

  • Integrate Parser into your tech stacks and custom-build a UI that keeps your users around.

    Up to


    retention increase in app

    Improve user retention

    Key features

    Order-number linking

    Deliver a consistent tracking experience even for orders without tracking numbers. AfterShip Parser can update shipment status by identifying order status keywords in emails.

    Delivery tracking map

    Satisfy anxious customers by showing their shipment location on a map. Retrieve geo-coordinates of packages and create your own interactive display for customers to see their packages en route.

    Push notifications

    Keep users around and drive them back to your app regularly. Notify them with at least 4 different types of shipment status updates via 24/7 push notifications.


Seamless integration

Parser API

Integrate AfterShip Parser into your current tech stack. Custom-build your own tracking UI by taking advantage of the order and shipping information fetched from user emails.

Tracking API

Get shipping statuses via AfterShip Tracking. After extracting carrier information from emails, Parser seamlessly communicates with AfterShip Tracking’s API to get tracking data.

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  • Automated email detection
  • Key data extraction
  • Parser API


  • Supports most email services
  • Automatic data enrichment
  • Automatic order updates

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