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Shoppers expect a better returns experience

Returns are an inevitable part of the eCommerce journey. But despite retailers spending a lot of time and resources to get it right, most of the time, it leads to losses. With AfterShip Returns, those losses can be turned into new opportunities thanks to flexible exchange and refund options. Furthermore, a self-serve portal, a global carrier network with drop-off options, and pick-up services offer customers complete conveniences with no geographic limitations. Turn customers who make returns into brand advocates and drive retention.

Automated returns tools that retain revenue and customers

  • Recapture returned revenue with exchanges, incentives, and partial refunds.


    revenue retention with exchanges

    Recapture revenue

    Key features

    Exchange for other items

    Transform returns into an all-new shopping experience by offering other items as an exchange. Create a new revenue stream by recommending your best-selling products.

    Incentivized exchanges

    Encourage customers to exchange for other items rather than refund by using bonus incentives. Provide options for discounts, free shipping, or extra store credit on top of the original item value.

    Refund to store credit

    Give customers a reason to come back to your store and continue their relationship with your brand. Offer refunds in the form of store credit instead of cash.

    Partial returns for bundles

    Accept individual item returns from bundle purchases to avoid full-bundle returns. Refund the prorated value of items or the bundle’s average item price.

    In-store returns

    Drive foot traffic to your store by encouraging in-store returns for online purchases. Create new opportunities for in-store revenue while giving your customers the convenience of immediate returns.

  • Reduce costs by centralizing and automating the returns process and gain relevant insights.


    reduction in returns processing time

    Reduce operational costs

    Key features

    Returns management dashboard

    Automate and streamline your returns process. Enable your support agents to review and process approvals, refunds, and exchange orders through a centralized portal.

    Rule-based automation

    Returns policies get complex—they vary by region, return reason, item value, and more. Automate the entire process and offer shipping methods according to rule-based workflows.

    Return eligibility rules

    Avoid return fraud, ineligible item returns, and customer conflict with your support team. Automatically reject items based on rules like return window, product type, discount, and customer email.

    Automated resolutions

    Eliminate manual processing and human error by automating resolutions based on delivery status. Exceed customer expectations on refund or re-order processing to foster loyalty and encourage repurchase.

    Analytics dashboard

    Uncover opportunities to minimize returns by identifying common return reasons and items. Analyze your returns with data on your return rate, refund rate, most frequently returned items, and more.

  • Create a thoughtful return experience to increase brand engagement and drive future repurchases.


    returns email open rate

    Improve the returns experience

    Key features

    Branded returns page

    Simplify your customer's returns experience. Direct your customers to a self-serve returns page on your own domain and customize it with your own brand assets.

    Returns status notification

    Reassure customers by proactively providing status updates at each stage of their return with branded email communications. Trigger notifications with automated status updates.

    300,000+ drop-off locations

    Provide convenience with physical drop-off locations available in multiple countries. Offer support for box-less and label-less returns.

    Single or multi-package labels

    Reduce friction by offering return labels automatically upon return approval. Allow customers to select number of labels required without contacting customer service for support.

    Green returns

    Shrink your carbon footprint and save on reverse-logistics costs while boosting customer satisfaction. Offer a refund without the need to make a return on low-priced or damaged items.


Seamless integration

Global carrier network

Leverage our global network of carriers to offer automated return pickup, label generation, and drop-off returns services. Our network of carriers covers 95% of customers worldwide.

40 platforms

An efficient tech stack is essential for smooth operations. Integrate seamlessly into platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Klaviyo, and Gorgias without lengthy development.

Returns API and webhook

Implement platform-agnostic integrations with your OMS, TMS, WMS, and other systems. Get the most robust Returns APIs and webhooks to save time and developer resources.

How AfterShip Returns customers boost revenue and retention

  • marc nolan

    “This exchange feature took every problem away. It’s also saved a lot of revenue — saving us $125k in the last 90 days.”

  • vector

    "With AfterShip Returns, what used to take our team upwards of 8 hours a week to do, now only takes us 1 hour."

  • pelagic gear

    "Putting restrictions on specific items means we don't need to jump through hoops. We can identify our products through tags and fully control our returns, especially from a cost perspective."


Choose the perfect plan for your business

  • Essentials

    Key features and integrations





    • Automatic label generation
    • Branded returns page
    • Email notifications
    • Returns analytics
    • Basic refund and exchange methods
    • Basic routing and eligibility rules
  • Pro

    Advanced tools to do more





    • Automatic returns approval
    • Create exchange orders in 1 click
    • Multilingual returns page
    • Advanced return methods
    • Allowlist and blocklist
    • Refund to store credit (Shopify Plus)
  • Premium

    Powerful AI and analytics





    • Auto-refund
    • Exchange for other items
    • Offer extra credit for exchanges
    • Advanced eligibility rules
    • Embedded returns page
    • Returns webhook
  • Enterprise

    A customized plan built to scale




    • Custom ERP and carrier integrations
    • Enterprise single sign-on (SSO)
    • Returns API
    • Partial return of bundled items
    • Custom API rate limit

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